Digital Reality - The Nice Escape?

Digital Reality - The Nice Escape?

What is reality anyway - one thing our personal mental computer generates? We notice the distinction between 'real' reality and computer-generated or simulated 'virtual reality' and settle for that drama, film and fictional literature have all been potent methods of stirring the imagination in which one other reality was re-created, both on stage, screen, or in the mind. Often this gave an enjoyable escape from the immediate stress of the present. Such media are properly-established forms of leisure, but a lot for the older ways. Now the new electronically-simulated reality is right here and rising rapidly. Are you falling for the new 'nice escape'?


All forms of leisure are large business, however now with enhanced developments in smart-phone technology and head-sets, numerous decrease-cost digital reality product offerings are already on the market. These will deliver the medium to an ever-rising audience. And already, younger people and kids have severe addictions to laptop games and different types of absorbing leisure. Even individuals with mild, obsessive-compulsive personality traits are finding themselves gripped by fascinations that won't let them go. They merely can't tear themselves away from that which holds them. There are potent psychological forces at work here controlling minds, each young and old.

'So what' say many, 'Retains them out of different forms of mischief, and anyway, it's great entertainment?' Besides, this is enterprise and there are very massive potential profits to be made. And who is there to behave as a social conscience, who will tell the youngsters, or adults, for that matter, that their fascination with digital reality goes to impair their capability for forming healthy, positive relationships with people and a capability to cope with advanced difficulties within the real world?


One of the severe issues is escapism, the sense that digital reality gives individuals freedom to explore new worlds or experiences in which they be happy to droop their regular social or ethical responsibilities. This sense of new created realities and the vast potentialities for exploration has a huge appeal, for in a really real sense, we were made to explore. The massive question is 'What?' So my massive concern with virtual reality is that the door is being thrown open ever wider for minds to enter solely new areas that enchantment to our fallen independence from God.

One of many immense issues that our first parents, Adam and Eve confronted, once they revolted in opposition to the proper rule of Almighty God, was that their independence was one they created themselves, however at the same time introduced a reality with out chart or compass. And now they were like gods, who existed for their very own self-created targets and for whatever function they dreamt. But it surely was also an abnormal reality and moderately than getting into true freedom, they now lived below the holy displeasure of God, and in a real sense had been trapped beneath the judgement of God and with no escape from him, the completely ultimate supply of all reality, to whom they'd someday give an account.


The first pair additionally discovered they have been condemned to grief, sorrow, decay and death. Typically these new realities involved new 'wisdoms' that exalt human creativity and innovation, in a futile try to bring humanity to the realm of self-deification. Alas, what they thought was freedom grew to become bondage to their own corrupted fantasies that they had so desperately hoped would deliver an incredible escape.

One of many largest challenges for modern thinkers is to see that historic biblical Christianity touches real reality at its deepest and profoundest levels. It does this because it has a coherent set of answers for the idea of information, for love, for personal being, for truth and that means, for guilt and forgiveness that are all beyond the determinism of genetics and electro-chemistry. And it also has a solution for all times and demise, for a meaningful origin in a superpure, personal Creator of all issues, for a purposeful origin of humanity, for damaged personalities and a broken world.


And splendidly a ultimate answer is graciously given in the death and resurrection of Jesus Christ, who in his loss of life willingly took the terrible liabilities of obstinate rebels upon himself and died to bear the penalty of sin and to deliver the captives.

For many individuals the challenge of this 'real' reality of true moral guilt, a sentence handed by the dwelling God, comes as one thing of a shock, from which they would slightly find reduction in self-made escapes into digital realities of alcohol, medication, irrational thinking and sex perversions, the occult, computerised simulated reality, and trans-humanism. Alas all such pseudo-escapes are doomed to wretched futility during which those who change into controlled by them pay a heavy price in temper and nervousness disorders, self-absorption and varied mental health difficulties.

Certainly, only in Christ is there full and last freedom to be found - a free forgiveness of all guilt, gained by Christ at great cost, freedom from bondage to a corrupted, fallen human nature, and freedom from evil powers, resulting in freedom to do the desire of God, which is ideal freedom!

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